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February 2018

How much is not having a marketing plan costing your business?

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I have come across many businesses throughout my marketing profession who don’t have a concrete business or marketing plan in place. In some instances, this is due to time or financial constraints or simply because they don’t fully understand the long-term value it will create for their business when a level of spend is required. But the question is, how much is NOT having a marketing strategy costing your business? Effective marketing is a process of discovery, fact finding and interpretation rather than just a list of activity At Walton Marketing & Communications we see the route to achieving marketing that creates real value as a journey, starting with a process of learning and understanding about your business, customers and markets before recommendations and a consistent plan of activity can be formed. We find that one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to assume. By that we mean, assuming what they believe their customers value about their brand, products and services and what inspires them to purchase or not.  Also making assumptions early on about what marketing activity and channels they feel are required to meet business goals or indeed what they believe their businesses strengths and weaknesses to be….

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