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December 2019

What’s your story ?

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So, as I’m sat in my local Caffé Nero, (a regular haunt for said coffee addict!) the festive decorations are a glimmer and I’m eyeing up a piece of red velvet cake that well and truly has my name on it! As the world goes by around me, I affectionately watch a loving Granny and Grandad cosy up with their granddaughter armed with a bounty of books of a chocolate brownie or two!   Aside from serious cake envy, I watch them snuggling in for a version of ‘The Tiger who came to tea’, and it got me thinking about the powerful impact of storytelling, its capacity to engage and inspire and the impact this has in life and indeed business. Telling stories is part of our DNA, to connect, entertain and share important information. Stories have been inspiring and shaping us for centuries way back to our caveman ancestors.  Today it’s the reason we love watching movies or TV, why we exchange our latest personal adventures with friends over a cuppa or check our Facebook and Instagram story updates! Words are our most powerful tools, they have crushed souls and built empires. Forming some of my fondest childhood memories, I…

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