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May 2022

Beckham, biscuits and the currency of content in building your brand.

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WORDS… powerful things aren’t they?   They can after all make. And they can break. But if used well, can be real equity for your business. With content and storytelling proving the insurmountable building blocks of successful brands. Boosting profile and profits. And, quite simply persuading people to do stuff, think stuff and feel stuff. But how do you create content that’s (hmm how shall we put it ?).…. ‘unignorable’? That cuts through the noise and most importantly drives you or your business forward? From David Beckham to Jammie Dodgers find out how in our latest blog …. Top tips for brand building content: Find your voice:  Sometimes it’s not just what you want to say, but how you say it that really matters. But have you considered what the right tone of voice is for your personal or business brand and how to use it? One way of getting under the skin of your brand is to have a go at fleshing out your persona. And a fun way of doing this (now you need to bear with me on this one …) is via association. So, consider this for a moment. If your brand was a biscuit, car,…

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