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May 2024

Haircare brand Roz launch root lift spray with Eco-Valve

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Haircare brand Roz, who are renowned for their nature inspired range of luxury hair care products, have launched a new root lift spray with Eco-Valve. The launch marks Salvalco’s first venture into haircare, demonstrating the compatibility of the valve across different product categories. The brand specialises in a range of vegan, organic, sustainably sourced and cruelty free products including treatment oils and serums. Their root lift spray becoming their first aerosol product with the use of inert gas propelled Eco-Valve supporting the brand’s sustainable ethos and compatibility with their natural formulations. Officially launched in the USA, the use of inert gas valve technology like Eco-Valve, is also helping brands comply with changing legislation in the industry. Peter Shaw, Managing Director or Salvalco said; “We are delighted to collaborate with luxury haircare brand Roz on the launch of their first aerosol product. This marks our first venture into the haircare category with our valve proving to be a highly effective and more sustainable choice than LPG alternatives. Eco -Valve is adaptable, demonstrating market leading performance with resins, powders, oils and other difficult haircare formulations – hairspray, hair shine, root lift, dry shampoo and more. A valve that is compatible with more…

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