7 types of evergreen content that work wonders for your business

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No interactions or comments on your posts? Wondering why your content isn’t generating the desired interest you would like in terms of leads and engagement but can’t put your finger on it?  Perhaps it’s time to start creating and sharing more evergreen content! But what is it and how can it really help your business?

What is evergreen content?

In short, evergreen content is that which is still interesting and relevant weeks, months or even years after its initial publish date.  It doesn’t date like news can and can deliver value in terms of traffic, leads, social shares occupying valuable search positions over time. As the content doesn’t date it means it can be reused and shared over and over again as part of your social media strategy. Importantly this can have a positive impact on web traffic and business leads.

Our top 7 types of evergreen content

  • How to guides

Readers like quick and easy tips on ways to improve their business and how to guides help to break content into an easily digestible format. Examples of how to guides may include;

Ie: How to use twitter lists to help track and monitor your social media content

Ie: How to check your IT security is up to date

Ie: How to create more shareable content

  • Comment on current trends

Commenting on current trends in your industry helps to position your business as an expert and thought leader whilst providing information on popular and growing areas of interest. Readers want to know how such trends can help their business.  Examples may include;

Ie: The rising trend of video marketing and how it can support your business

Ie: 5 top trends in the IT sector


  • Case studies

Client case studies are a really strong way of promoting your business showing existing and prospective clients what it is you do and the value you bring. Case studies don’t have to be solely in the form of client testimonials, rather can also include wider examples that relate to the product or service you offer such as;

6 cases studies of local businesses driving growth through innovative marketing

3 examples of clients using video marketing to drive engagement  


  • Checklists

We all love a list. They present both a concise and easy way to digest information and helps the writer to organise and present their thoughts in a clear way. Examples of checklists could include;

10 marketing tools to have in place when setting up a business

The essential small business checklist

  • Use statistics

Even though statistics in theory can date, they are still valuable over time as a source of reference to use as business cases or to help compare one period to the next.  Examples might be;

10 interesting statistics about Facebook

20 social media stats marketers need to know


  • Share your secrets and top tips

 There is nothing more valuable to readers than the sharing of honest insights, experiences and learning points.  Offering hints and tips relating to what has worked well for you in business as well as candidly sharing what may not have been as effective, is invaluable to readers. We are all human, finding different paths to success and as such can learn so much from each other’s experiences.


  • Answer questions

Pose a question and answer it. This is a great way to encourage engagement in your post, drawing the reader in.  People often search for answers to specific questions on Google. Find relevant questions and pose answers to those questions that then may be retained as well ranked reference resources over time.

Ie: Are your IT resources protecting your business? 

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