Beckham, biscuits and the currency of content in building your brand.

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WORDS… powerful things aren’t they?  

They can after all make.

And they can break.

But if used well, can be real equity for your business. With content and storytelling proving the insurmountable building blocks of successful brands. Boosting profile and profits.

And, quite simply persuading people to do stuff, think stuff and feel stuff.

But how do you create content that’s (hmm how shall we put it ?).…. ‘unignorable’?

That cuts through the noise and most importantly drives you or your business forward?

From David Beckham to Jammie Dodgers find out how in our latest blog ….

Top tips for brand building content:

Find your voice: 

Sometimes it’s not just what you want to say, but how you say it that really matters.

But have you considered what the right tone of voice is for your personal or business brand and how to use it?

One way of getting under the skin of your brand is to have a go at fleshing out your persona. And a fun way of doing this (now you need to bear with me on this one …) is via association.

So, consider this for a moment.

If your brand was a biscuit, car, celebrity or even a soundtrack think …. what would it be? Are you more Jammie Dodger or Digestive? Land Rover or Mini Cooper? David Attenborough or David Beckham?

As bonkers as this might sound, in a very abstract kind of way, this is a really effective way of helping you see your brand as more of a ‘real thing’.

Ask yourself, if your brand showed up at the party, what would they be like? What would they say and how would they say it?

It’s then about writing with a personality and tone of voice that befits that persona. With even subtle changes making a massive difference.

So why not give it a whirl and watch your brand come to life across your marketing channels.

 Choose your channels

LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok … there are sooo many to choose from it can feel overwhelming to say the least! BUT you don’t have to be on EVERYTHING. Quite simply be where your customers or audience are! You might just do a few things, but what you do, do it well and nail it!

Content pillars/themes

A good way of helping you think about what to say is to create content pillars or themes for your business. What are the key things your brand stands for or you want to be famous for? Are you Real, inspirational, fun, ethical, pioneering, educational, philanthropic ?……. (the list of course will be your own personal one) But the key is to use these as a guide to shape your creative juices, plan the right type of content and make a lasting impression.

Write like you’d talk down the pub! (Hic…)

Ok maybe not literally, BUT the point here is if you are writing to build your personal brand, keep it real. People don’t always want the corporate version of you.  It’s ok to pitch the way you naturally speak and email the way you talk normally. Too corporate or buzzword laden and people mentally check out.  Be confident in YOUR style!

Plan or be reactive? 

Everyone knows we love a plan (yep it’s the marketing strategists in us!) And the same goes for why we believe planned content is so important for your brand, providing consistency, variety and reinforcing who you are and what you offer.

Think about the types of content your audience want to see too. Is it helpful? Newsworthy? Interesting? Different?

Not everything requires razor precision scheduling though. Shoot from the hip. Be reactive! Comment. Share. Connect and be part of the conversation.

You don’t need to be at every party, but it’s about turning up at the right ones for you.


You know which platforms you want to be on but what about content format? Whilst this blog is mainly about written content there are so many different options out there now. It’s quite literally mind blowing 🤯!

So why not experiment with something new?

Or take a written piece and extend the life of it by repurposing it as the basis for video, an event, podcast, Instagram reel or TikTok!  Experiment and measure the success of different styles- doing more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.

Hone your storytelling

Share your journey.  Give a glimmer of the real you or that of your brand – making it the protagonist of the story. Try different writing styles. From short punchy sentences, captivating headlines to long and short copy. Play around and have fun.

And when it comes to written work always, always print off your work to proof it rather than screen proofing!

I promise you will notice so much more when it comes to the edit stage that you wouldn’t see on screen, which will make your content so much better when you redraft.

A great book I read recently full of fantastic tips is Write to Sell …. By Andy Maslen (The ultimate guide to copywriting).

Find time

Life is busy and work demands high – I get it.

But consistent, brand aligned, content DOES pay off. Put time in the diary like you would a meeting to write or create. If it’s for your personal brand, enjoy the process. Find a new coffee shop, treat yourself to lunch, immerse yourself and enjoy! Or if time really is of the essence, why not hire a specialist that can do the job for you?

You won’t appeal to everyone – but that’s OK!

Brands aren’t meant to appeal to everyone and that’s totally ok. What’s the saying? You can’t be all things to all people.

The key thing through your content is ensuring it remains authentic to YOUR brand, in all that you say, sound, offer and how you make people feel.  The result being one that will naturally attract the right customers or people towards you and build loyalty over time.

So, with those thoughts, I guess that leads me right back to where I started…

With WORDS …….

Because if there is one thing that is certain, it’s that they really do carry more equity than we realise.  So, how will you invest this currency to build your brand?  I look forward to hearing more about your business and of course any biscuit preferences too 😊







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