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Here are some of our client case studies


Copywriting & PR

Siemens Power Generation Services provide a wide-ranging portfolio of energy solutions, turbines and service packages to customers across the globe.  Pioneers of digital technologies, they are also avid supporters of social enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Walton Marketing & Communications were appointed to support the business with PR and communications services to help raise their profile in the local marketplace.  From managing sponsorships, media campaigns to copywriting and communications strategy, we have helped to share stories from across the organisation including key appointments, innovations in technology to CSR initiatives.

THS Inspection Services

TRANSFORM – Marketing & Rebrand Programme

The brand issue:

THS are providers of high- quality compliance and quality assurance services for the domestic energy efficiency sector. Looking to diversify, grow and extend their services into new markets, THS felt their brand no longer matched their aspirations and who they were as a leading business in their field. Because of this, a new brand direction was needed to help them keep pace with their ambitions and to reposition both their new and existing services.

The solution:

We worked closely with THS delivering a brand workshop that allowed us to really get under the skin of the business and understand their challenges, key services, markets and who they were as a brand. Including a thorough audit of THS’s main competitors, we were then able to create key messaging, a tone of voice and a new brand identity fully aligned to the businesses long term plans. This was then storyboarded and presented back to the client.

The outcome:

The result is a complete brand refresh that repositions THS as a leading compliance and quality assurance provider in the UK.  The strong brand identity, clear messaging and content conveys who they are in an authentic and compelling way, helping reposition the business into the quality assurance market whilst supporting their long- term business goals and current recruitment drive.

“Our new branding has been really well received by our staff and customers. Its fresh, modern and reflects who we are and will assist to attract new talent at a time when we are expanding the business.

 Nina and Sarah are experts in their field, they guide you through the brand transformation programme which is enjoyable, fun and demanding at the same time. We really enjoyed the process as it gets right into exploring what is at the heart of your own business. Be warned though, you better have a solid business plan and clear marketing goals otherwise this through examination will find you out! If you haven’t, the transform programme exposes any gaps in your thinking and allows you to crystallise these which is essential to ensure that the end result reflects your business and aligns with strategic goals.”

Adrian Hull, Managing Director, THS 

We delivered:
+ Brand strategy

+ Brand design

+ Tone of voice creation/ brand straplines

+ Website design and development

+ Website content

+ Blog content

EMG Solicitors

Marketing Campaign Delivery & Copywriting

With ambitious growth plans to scale the COP (Court of Protection) side of the EMG business, we were appointed to deliver a marketing project to target new customers and profile this key service.  The project involved putting together a target list of prospect clients, connecting with those prospects through LinkedIn and then creating and sharing compelling and highly targeted content.

The overall objective being to help the business make new connections, increase profile of key staff members and their COP services.

Our approach

We took the time to really get under the skin of the EMG business, to understand their goals but also who they were as a business and the values they live and work by.  Or what they also refer to as – the EMG way.

Not just about legal services, EMG solicitors are a business that firmly believe in supporting their communities and keeping clients at the heart of what they do.  It was therefore important we were able to convey not just what they do but how they do it within our communications.

Together we created a plan of compelling content including blogs, social media posts and video interviews with key staff members and clients. This helped to just tell their story and profile their capabilities but engage with key audiences too.

We worked with Nina and Katy at Walton Marketing & Communications on a strategic communications project for one of our legal teams. They were incredibly helpful throughout the entire process and helped us to create industry specific press coverage and video content to support us in profiling our legal teams. I would highly recommend Nina for her engaging and proactive approach and for giving sound advice on our communications strategy.

Claire Hewitt, Business Development Manager, EMG Solicitors

 We delivered

+ Marketing campaign planning

+ Content and social media strategy

+ Content creation


Metnor Group

Copywriting & PR

The Metnor Group comprises three main trading divisions which operate in the construction, mechanical and electrical services and pressure testing sectors. Each division is a specialist in its own field and this individual expertise combined with the strength of the group’s resources enables them to deliver first class products and services to its customers and clients. Key sectors for the construction business include a focus on care homes, data centres, hotels and student accommodation.

Walton Marketing & Communications were appointed to deliver copywriting and PR support to profile the skills, expertise and growth of the business.

“Walton Marketing & Communications are brilliant copywriters who really understand how to get the best out of people. I felt instantly at ease first working with Nina and together we discussed communication strategies and developed a great understanding of each other’s background. I know that if I need the support I can call Nina and whether it’s herself or a member of her team, we have the groundwork already in place. A great working relationship enables us to hit the ground running in order to deliver effective PR.”

Charlie Sander, Group Marketing Manager, Metnor Group


 We delivered

+ Communications Strategy

+ Copywriting

+ PR


NHS Case Studies

NHS Employers

Case Study & Copywriting Support

NHS Employers are the voice of employers in the NHS supporting them to put patients first. Their vision is to be the authoritative voice of workforce leaders.

Walton Marketing & Communications were appointed to interview and help produce a number of case studies for various trusts across the UK, exploring the impact of staff engagement initiatives on patient and staff satisfaction. Over the years we have been reappointed for a range of different projects creating case studies for ambulance trusts as well as supporting NHS Employers’ annual staff engagement conference, carrying out a number of interviews with key representatives.

Newcastle University Business School

 Copywriting Support

We were appointed by Newcastle University Business School to produce a number of case studies featuring delegates from the Captured Course programme.

The Captured initiative invites experienced managers from larger organisations to mentor and support small business owners. Through a range of workshops led by Newcastle University Business School, the course brings together academic facilitation with the expertise of experienced professionals to help shape, challenge and guide the thinking of the small business owner.

We were commissioned to interview and create a number of case studies featuring delegates and mentors from the course for the university to use online and within their marketing materials.

Funky Chunky Furniture

TRANSFORM – Marketing & Rebrand Programme

The brand issue:

Funky Chunky Furniture are manufacturers of handcrafted, real wood shelves and furniture. With ambitious plans to scale and achieve year on year double digit growth, the business felt that their existing brand was no longer keeping pace with their aspirations.  With the core of their sales in shelving, they also wanted to diversify and reposition themselves to sell more of their standard furniture range.

The solution:
To achieve this we delivered a number of workshops encompassing marketing and brand, that we used to explore Funky Chunky Furniture’s key goals, customer base, markets and product range.  This allowed us to really get to the heart of who Funky Chunky were as a business, their vision, aspirations and importantly their brand identity.

A key question was also raised around whether or not the existing brand name ‘Funky Chunky Furniture’ should be kept.  Something that was carefully addressed through independent unbiased customer research.  And thankfully, much to the MD’s delight the name was retained!

As part of the Transform process, we also delivered a full marketing, communications and social media strategy as well as developing the website, their visual identity whilst encompassing the essence of the brand  “Real furniture, made by real people for real living”  

The outcome:

Since embarking on the programme Funky Chunky feel their brand is a now clear reflection of their  core business giving them the confidence to reach their ambitions.

And reach them they certainly have…

Following Transform, the business has experienced record sales growth, doubling turnover and expanding their team with the recruitment of a number of key positions. https://www.insidermedia.com/news/north-east/furniture-maker-targets-4m-turnover)

 They have also successfully diversified to reposition the business from sales of shelves to their full furniture range.

I can highly recommend the Transform programme, it’s a game changer

 Kevin Johnston, Managing Director, Funky Chunky Furniture.” 

We delivered:
+ Brand and marketing strategy

+ Content and social media strategy

+ Brand design

+ Tone of voice creation/ brand straplines

+ Website design and development

+ Photography / art direction

Salvalco Eco-Valve

TRANSFORM – Marketing & Rebrand Programme

The brand issue:

Salvalco approached us with an exciting proposition to help them launch their highly innovative Eco-Valve to the global aerosol industry.  Truly ‘game changing’ technology, and powered by harmless gases, Eco-Valve is a versatile and environmentally friendly aerosol solution, that can be used in over 85% of aerosol applications.

To achieve their goals and generate interest, Salvalco wanted to create a compelling brand and clear messaging to convey the benefits of the valve to the market.

The solution:

We worked with Salvalco delivering a number of workshops to really understand their brand, market, customer base and goals. Once we had a thorough understanding of their ambition, we were then able to create a robust marketing and brand strategy, bringing to life Salvalco’s heart, voice and personality across every touchpoint.

The outcome:
Having worked with Salvalco now for the last 2 years, it’s been incredibly rewarding to see how much the Transform programme has supported their aspirations, resulting in a strong brand identity and helping them secure investment from a number of key partners.

Through simple messaging and clear positioning, the complexity and functionality of the technology has been effectively conveyed. As well as securing investment, the business has successfully positioned themselves as the founders of tomorrow’s aerosol technology today, generating new enquiries and orders from several leading brands across the industry.

The team got under the skin of our business and have really helped drive our growth ambition. They were quick to understand the challenges and helped build a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy in only 3 months – not easy! We couldn’t have done it without their supportive and proactive approach”


Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco.” 


We delivered:
+ Brand and marketing strategy

+ Brand design

+ Tone of voice creation

+ Website design and development

+ Marketing collateral design

+ Content

+ PR

Lindisfarne Festival

Public Relations

We are proud to work closely with the team at Lindisfarne Festival offering a range of PR and marketing services.

From strategy to PR services, we have helped to profile and position the now 5,000 capacity event in Northumberland with the regional media.  Now entering its 6th year and with a firm identity and fan base, the regularly shortlisted finalist in the UK festival awards has become the North East’s best end of summer party.

We have worked closely over the years building relationships with key journalists and bloggers to successfully profile the event and put it firmly on the North-East map. (Image by Joe Costigan)

The Three Rivers Learning Trust

PR & Communications

The Three Rivers Learning Trust was established in 2011 and consists of a single high school, The King Edward VI High School, three feeder middle schools, Newminster, Chantry, Dr Thomlinson C of E, Thropton Village, Harbottle C of E and Abbeyfields First Schools.  These schools have a long and proud history of providing an excellent service to the local population.

Walton Marketing & Communications were appointed on a retained basis to provide ongoing PR and communications support. From strategy, marketing campaigns and media relations, this has involved getting to know the individual schools and their objectives in order to offer strategic support and strengthen their voice in the local community.

Red Maple

Marketing Strategy

Red Maple who are based at Vallum Farm in Northumberland provide managed IT support services to a range of businesses across the UK.

With ambitious plans to grow we were appointed to help the team review their marketing strategy, helping reposition them in the market place and create a range of campaigns to support their business objectives. The strategy process informed a number of changes required including the need for better brand alignment, a new website, content marketing, events and business development activity.

Crowther Mediation Services

Marketing Strategy and Copywriting

Crowther Mediation Services provide family and corporate mediation services to businesses and individuals across the North East and beyond.  With 8 offices in the region, the company have ambitious growth plans and appointed Walton Marketing & Communications to help them develop a strategic marketing plan to support their long-term goals. We are also supporting the business with PR and copywriting services.