Is your brand connecting with your customers ?

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So it is thought that your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. Whether that be an individual, product or service, your brand is made up of the characteristics that define who you are and what ultimately make your business unique.  But what is it that make some brands strong and able to connect effectively with audiences with others less so and how can you maintain the confidence and belief that your brand is delivering what you need it to as your business adapts and grows?

Every organisation, irrespective of sector or industry share brand qualities that define who they are and set them apart from the competition.  From the innovation of Apple to the quality and all round Britishness of Marks & Spencer, brands and their qualities become synonymous with one another.

The success of such brands lie in their ability to fully understand who they and their markets are, alongside effective promotion of their offerings and USP’s through consistent brand communications, whether that be via design, online presence or written content.  However, businesses don’t always get this right, with many falling short, creating a disconnect between what is being portrayed externally versus the reality of who they actually are.  Often this results in ‘white space’ and audiences including employees and customers switching off as they are unable to fully ‘get who you are’.

So how do you turn the light back on to your businesses brand? Here we provide our top 5 tips to help you keep on track;

  • Review your brand regularly alongside your business planning – Enlist the help of a design specialist to conduct an annual brand audit assessing how effectively it aligns with the strategic direction of your business and growth plans.
  • Celebrate what makes you extraordinary not ordinary! – Identify your brand’s key qualities, differentiators and values and embed those into all internal and external communications.
  • Understand your market – Conduct research on your market to help understand the best ways to connect with them and ask for feedback from key stakeholders on your brand and business.
  • Be consistent – Ensure consistency in all marketing collateral including design, brand, online and written content.
  • Find your voice – Create a tone of voice for your written content to help bring your brand personality to life.

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