Marketing campaigns to supercharge your business

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With so many different marketing channels from PR, event management, digital, social and content, it can be difficult to know the best way to bring them together as a whole to deliver a successful campaign to meet your business goals.

Each element on their own are indeed very powerful bringing their own valuable benefits to business but combine them in the right way and this is where the magic can happen for your brand! Our experience of working across the marketing mix has been invaluable in enabling me and my team to build integrated marketing campaigns that successfully profile, position, and win new business for brands.

So how can a campaign help your brand?

There are many benefits to building an integrated marketing campaign for your product or service. I have often likened this to producing a piece of artwork or rustling up a tasty bit of cuisine.  With the right ingredients and application, the outcome can be pretty impressive, resulting in something that is both distinctive and memorable. Get it wrong and quite the opposite can happen. The same analogy is true when building campaigns for brands.  Get the sum of parts right and execute it well to help generate;

  • Increased profile and brand awareness
  • New followers and improved engagement on social media
  • New business leads and lines of enquiry
  • Increased sales

The Zip Campaign – with Godfrey Syrett

Walton Marketing & Communications were involved in creating a marketing campaign to launch the new and highly innovative ZIP sofa range.  From PR, advertising, social media, digital marketing, a brochure, email campaigns and a video launch, each element was carefully developed and coordinated over a 5 week period to build a high level of awareness and generate business leads for the product.

What are our 6 tips for creating successful campaigns?

  • Be clear on what you are trying to achieve and who you are targeting
  • Know your brand, your USP, your personality and voice and find the best channels to convey those through, staying true to that brand at all times
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and ask yourself where do I need to be seen to reach these people?– be seen in the places they are likely to be !
  • Select a marketing mix of ingredients that help you reach those customers or influencers
  • Set a timeframe for the campaign and build a CPA (Critical Path Analysis Chart) to help you plan activity and meet deadlines
  • Set targets and measurement tools to help monitor the success of the campaign against the targets you have set and review and amend activity accordingly

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