Are you ready to TRANSFORM?

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It’s been a hell of a year I think we can all agree! Emerging a little bit bruised around the edges, we have soldiered on and for that we should all be incredibly proud. But as the light at the end of the tunnel starts to glimmer (we can see it twinkling there somewhere in the distance!) it too presents an opportunity for businesses to emerge from the Covid chrysalis and start to find their wings again.

Because despite any challenges that may lie ahead, when it comes to your business you didn’t come this far to only come this far. 

It’s a mantra that is very close our hearts. (By ‘our’ I mean of course, myself Nina Walton and my lovely colleague and brand buddy Sarah 😊) In fact, it’s much more than a mantra but the driving force behind our ‘why’ in business and what has led us to create and deliver a new brand and marketing programme for clients – cue …. the TRANSFORM Programme.

As brand, marketing and content specialists and owners of our own businesses, Walton Marketing & Communications and Absolute Brand Co., for many years we have independently provided a range of services to a number of longstanding clients.  But it’s when we began to work together on projects, bringing together our collective skills sets, did we realise there was an undeniable alchemy in the combined “meeting of minds”.

So, it got us thinking… how could we harness this further and combine our complimentary skills sets to benefit our clients and help them on their growth journeys?

Introducing the TRANSFORM programme 

And it’s with that the TRANSFORM programme was born; an engaging and collaborative 12-week programme of discovery, planning and creative insight to put the magic back into brands. Or what some might say is simply Berocca for business!

Designed with corporate clients and scaling businesses in mind, the programme is aimed at not just transforming brands but transforming business too. How? By providing the tools, confidence, plans and creative assets to take them to the next level. The result? A plan that future proofs business, aids growth and most importantly boosts the bottom line!

Far from fluff, but steeped in substance and in-depth fact finding, TRANSFORM combines objective evidence-based research, all the creative goodness you would expect from a couple of eager brand and marketing moguls, sandwiched together with robust strategy.

A step by step process to business success

TRANSFORM involves 4 key stages run over a 12-week period, with 3 levels of packages available, Bronze, Silver and Gold (the detail of which you can find more about on our website )

Stage 1) Discovery (Research & workshops) 
Stage 2) Develop (Brand development and visual assets) 
Stage 3) Plan (Marketing and content strategy) 
Stage 4) Implementation (Marketing and brand activity including content creation) 

Fundamentally the programme also ensures that our client’s brand and marketing are keeping pace with their ambitions because when it comes to all that good stuff, there really should be no limits!

In order to achieve this, the TRANSFORM programme digs deep!

Starting with a comprehensive discovery phase of workshops to really understand your brand’s DNA and the goals of your business, this stage also includes objective independent research. Don’t worry there is also plenty of fun fact- finding activity too that really gets you thinking about your business! This information is then used to inform stage 2 which includes the development of your brand before a robust marketing and content strategy is created, followed by implementation of that activity if required.

Sarah McCrady, Owner of Absolute Brand Co. and Transform Partner said;

“Having delivered a number of TRANSFORM projects to clients from sectors including professional services, retail to tech, it’s been incredibly rewarding to see the value created in not just elevating their brands but the direct impact on the bottom line too. Quite simply it’s helping businesses be the greatest version of themselves in order to put their best foot forward.

Seeing those that have taken part flourish and their growth stories over time is probably what we are most proud of. Knowing TRANSFORM has made a real difference and that we have had a tiny part in that journey puts a big smile on our face. We have loved becoming part of our client’s extended team, working with owner managed businesses, MDs to Marketing Managers.”  

“Fundamentally the programme helps give the client a comprehensive, holistic and fully aligned approach to brand and marketing. Afterall it was clear that the brand strategy and design output became stronger when supported by the marketing strategy, research and content, but likewise the marketing and content deliverables were stronger when supported by the brand discovery process.”

 “Much more than a harmony of pictures and words, the result is weighted in meaningful strategy, that aims to have a direct impact on transforming business not just in the short term but the long term too.” 

For me, we knew that what we were really making with TRANSFORM, was making a difference. Clients told us they loved the cohesive, thorough, creative process of the programme that really got to the heart of who they were. They valued the renewed confidence it gave them and the focus and direction it provided in line with their goals. Getting feedback from clients who describe the programme as a ‘total gamechanger!’ and ‘something you won’t regret’, is something we are incredibly proud of.

From furniture manufacturers, tech businesses to environmental services firms, it will be interesting to see where TRANSFORM takes us next? Perhaps it will be helping your business?  After all, you didn’t come this far to only come this far.   

Ready to TRANSFORM ?  

Three levels of TRANSFORM packages are available to suit different budgets and requirements. And companies on the Scaleup North East Programme may also be eligible to receive up to 40% funding towards the Transform programme fees. 

For more information on the programme, our clients case studies and to learn how TRANSFORM might help level up your business visit contact Sarah at or Nina on  

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