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Mentholatum launch Deep Heat and Deep Freeze sprays in the UK with Salvalco Eco-Valve

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Salvalco is delighted to announce their latest collaboration with Mentholatum’s Deep Heat and Deep Freeze brands.

In a bid to move away from LPG propellant to nitrogen, the iconic brands will utilise the Eco-Valve technology, launching in stores across the UK from August 2023, followed by a roll out across Europe.

For Salvalco, this topical healthcare product launch comes at a time of evolution for Mentholatum’s health and wellness brands. In line with the growing environmental expectations of consumers, the company are keen to bring their product ranges into a more relevant and sustainable space. As such, as well as using the Eco-Valve technology, they will also be removing hydrocarbons from their packaging alongside a brand refresh. This new sustainable future for Mentholatum is proudly featured across their pack.

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco said;

“Working with the team at Mentholatum has been a real pleasure. A lot of work and research has gone in behind the scenes, so it’s fantastic to now see these products in the market and on the shelves in the UK.  As a company this also marks our first product launch in the UK and to do this with such an iconic household brand has been a real privilege.

With rising requirements in global health and environmental regulation, as well as growing consumer demand for greener aerosol solutions, it’s great to see companies like Mentholatum taking action and making the necessary changes needed. As many of the companies we work with say, nitrogen is a highly effective and sustainable alternative to LPG and it’s great to increasingly see brands making the switch.

We are delighted to continue to be the market leader in inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology and would welcome anyone interested in making the switch to get in touch.”

Elaine Walker Senior Brand Manager for Deep Heat at Mentholatum commented:

Mentholatum runs an Environmental, Social and Health programme and as part of that we are looking into making our products more climate friendly.  An independent audit showed our sprays were one of our biggest contributors to our carbon footprint so we knew we had to take action to change this, especially when 79% of people researched stated environmental packaging is important to them.

Switching both sprays will prevent 1523 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere every year which is great news for the climate.  Plus, our consumers can rest assured that as well as helping the environment, our sprays still provide effective cooling and warming relief.


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