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P&G’s Old Spice launch new men’s body spray with Eco-Valve

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Salvalco is delighted to announce their recent collaboration with Proctor & Gamble’s iconic Old Spice brand. Utilising the Eco-Valve technology, the brand brings to market a new aluminum free men’s total body spray which is available to purchase in the UK and America.

P&G’s new range is positioned as a ‘nitro spray’, with the removal of LPG propellant, marking Old Spice’s first venture into nitrogen and demonstrating their ongoing commitment to the environment.

The demand for ‘all over’ body sprays has experienced rising popularity over recent years. With the Old Spice product available for use from ‘pits to toes’ – including underarms and chest, to thighs, legs, stomach, feet, arms, hands and even down below!

The amazing fragrance quality also remains a key benefit of the spray, with nitrogen propellant delivering a ‘breakthrough scent experience’!

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco said;

“Salvalco is delighted to be working once again with P&G and with such an iconic brand as Old Spice. It’s fantastic to see them utilising the benefits of our Eco-Valve technology in helping them bring to market their environmentally friendly, nitrogen powered body spray. Or ‘nitro spray’ as it’s been aptly named.

It’s also great to know we are playing a small role in supporting P&G’s wider sustainability and environmental goals, their net zero ambition and reduction in carbon footprint. All whilst delivering the same great aerosol performance that consumers know and love.

We are really encouraged to see so many leading brands embracing our technology, which is a real testament to the quality of Eco-Valve’s spray performance. As the market leader in inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology, we welcome anyone interested in making the switch to get in touch.”

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