Reflecting on Newcastle Startup Week

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Top 10 inspirational quotes for business owners and budding entrepreneurs

So I attended Newcastle Startup Week a couple of weeks ago.  Firstly, hats off must go to Paul Lancaster and Sarah Crimmens for pulling off an inspiring week of events for SME’s and budding entrepreneurs.   A great variety of speakers and sessions tailored to businesses of different sizes and at different stages.

Reflecting on the event made me feel fortunate to have founded a business in such a supportive, creative and dynamic region.  There was certainly a feeling and understanding that we were all in this together and that if we continue to listen, learn and collaborate, the possibilities were endless.  As a business owner there are inevitably ups and downs, twists and turns along the way and StartUpWeek helped to put that into context, provide time to reflect and challenge.

Whilst I couldn’t attend all the sessions during the week there were a number of inspiring quotes from the event that I felt were worth sharing.

Here are our top 10 quotes from the week ….

  • Learn more about yourself so you can learn more about others
  • PR is essentially about reputation and relationships
  • Create content your audience enjoy or will make them smarter #happierorsmarter
  • Being curious is the fast way to grow
  • It’s really important to find a niche and build on it
  • ‘Go Do’
  • Always look outside your organisation- talk to your customers, suppliers and investors
  • You should be looking to move and grow your business all the time
  • Pivot, persevere or pirouette
  • You are never fully dressed without a smile !

We are already looking forward to StartUp Week 2018! Roll on next year …..



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