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Salvalco announce latest collaboration with P&G’s Native brand

By 15th February 2023 No Comments

Salvalco is delighted to announce their latest collaboration with Proctor & Gamble’s personal care brand Native.

Powered by the inert gas propelled Eco-Valve, the brand’s new two-in-one deodorant and body spray officially launched on 13th December 2022 in the USA and is now available instore and online at major retailers including Walgreens, Kroger, Walmart and Target.

Native has long been known for its natural deodorant, skin, body and hair care products, but this new launch is the brand’s first venture into spray deodorant. An opportunity made possible through Eco-Valve technology which replaces the need for hydrocarbon propellants with inert gas propellants such as Nitrogen.  Thus, giving sustainable brands who want to add the aerosol packaging format to their ranges a new environmentally friendly option – with no compromise on performance and spray quality.

Growing demand from consumers was one of the reasons influencing Native’s move into aerosols. With the new spray also staying true to the brand’s commitment to simple and effective formulations – focusing on clean ingredients and natural propellant. With the removal of butane through Eco-Valve also enhancing the Native brand’s spray and scent quality too.

Aptly described as one of life’s ‘great things powered by air’ Native is ‘A deodorant spray that applies light as air – a cool, fast drying, light mist that leaves you smelling great and feeling fresh.’

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco said;

“We are incredibly proud of the collaboration with P&G and to have yet another prestigious multinational global company taking up Eco-Valve. Seeing brands like Native reaping the many benefits that our technology offers is very rewarding. From enhanced spray performance and scent quality as well as the huge sustainability benefits – switching from butane is ticking the box for organisations across the globe, their customers and the environment.

And it’s the increasing demand from reputable brands like Proctor and Gamble that is real testament to both the quality and performance of Eco-Valve. We are delighted to be the market leader in inert gas propelled aerosol valve technology and would welcome anyone interested in making the switch to get in touch.”

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