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Salvalco celebrate Eco-Valve product launch in Europe with Rossmann

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It’s been an incredibly busy few months for Salvalco with the launch of their new and highly innovative Eco-Valve technology across the global aerosol market. And with engagement and interest in the valve continuing to grow, the team are delighted to be able to share some very exciting news that sees the first product reference of the valve on the market and hitting retail shelves.

As from April 2021, Eco-Valve technology has been adopted for use by major European brand Rossmann to be used within their own brand deodorant ‘Alterra’ and to support the product’s launch. Rossmann are the first major brand in Europe to take advantage of Eco-Valve’s innovative technology which uses environmentally friendly nitrogen propellant. And now officially on the shelves, the deodorant is being enjoyed by their many customers across the world.

As one of the largest drug store chains in Europe, Rossmann operate in Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Albania, Kosovo, Spain and Turkey with over 4000 stores and a £10 billion turnover.

The company were keen to utilise the benefits of the Eco-Valve technology to  respond to the rising demand from their customers for more sustainable aerosol solutions to support a healthier lifestyle.  The valve also supports the brand’s overall natural ethos and use of more organic and vegan based formulations.

Eco-Valve – a sustainable and high performing alternative

And it’s by adopting the Eco-Valve technology, Rossmann is able to fully leverage environmental and natural product claims with the Alterra deodorant.  This includes directly appealing to their customer base by being able to make prominent sustainable, marketing and product claims on the front and back of their packaging. Such as ‘Innovative spray technology with nitrogen as an environmentally friendly propellant’

Peter Shaw, Managing Director, Salvalco said;

“Seeing one of the first product references of Eco-Valve in the market has been incredibly rewarding and certainly marks an exciting time for the Salvalco business. Our ethos has always been about supporting the aerosol industry with the technology of tomorrow, in order to achieve a more sustainable future. And it’s great to have been able to collaborate with Rossmann and to see Alterra on the shelves.

We are incredibly proud of the role Eco-Valve is playing in helping brand owners and retailers across the globe achieve their sustainability and CSR goals, whilst providing consumers with a greener, yet highly effective aerosol solution.  Eco-Valve technology is also enabling companies to be able to make those all important sustainability messages and product claims on their packaging, which customers are increasingly looking for.

And with interest from other brands gathering pace, we look forward to announcing further product references in the market in the not too distant future, so watch this space!  Equally for those brands keen to find out more, we would be more than happy to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

The Rossmann product launch was also supported by Italian based contract filler Cosmosol who helped develop the deodorant’s natural and vegan formulation consisting of organic agriculture and essential oils.

To find out more about how Eco-Valve could benefit your business or for a complimentary sample email:


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