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We offer a range of integrated marketing and communications services to help you achieve your business goals.

Marketing Strategy
Take the right approach

Marketing Strategy

A key cornerstone of the Walton Marketing & Communications business, we pride ourselves on delivering robust marketing strategies to build profile and support your growth plans.  With experience working across the marketing mix within a range of sectors, we really understand how to bring the right components together to deliver impact and help you reach your goals.

To really get under the skin of your business we will deliver a strategic review, in the form of bespoke brand workshops and customer research, that will help define your goals, vision and USP’s, as well as highlighting any key challenges and barriers to market. In the form of a custom-made marketing plan and content calendar, our recommendations will help give you clarity and confidence in who you are and where you are headed, a greater understanding of your customer base, a shared vision for your stakeholders and a road map of ideas and activity to help you achieve your short and long term goals.

We are also on hand to support the implementation stage providing ongoing marketing, PR and copywriting services.

Raise your profile

PR & Communications

We all have a story to share and we love nothing more than helping you tell it. It’s one of the ways we really bring brands to life.  With strong relationships with the media, we deliver effective PR, Content and Creative Copywriting to help raise profiles and tell your narrative. We understand that every business is unique so we spend the time really getting to know you and the qualities that help set you apart from the competition. We will help create and plan your communications, creating a tone of voice that uniquely and authentically reflects your brand.

Key services include;

  • Communications planning – strategy, content calendars, tone of voice and key messaging documents
  • Content creation – blogs, case studies, web copy
  • Creative copywriting – brochures, advertising
  • PR – press release content, distribution, media monitoring
Boost your marketing skills


Sometimes businesses require ongoing support and general guidance around their marketing. Because of this, we also offer a range of marketing mentor services for businesses to help you challenge and shape your activity so that it has the impact and gravitas you need.  Our service also provides accountability for actions to ensure your business generates the momentum and outputs needed.

Why work with a marketing mentor?

  • You want to develop your marketing skills and knowledge
  • You would like to understand more about how marketing can support the businesses overall strategy
  • You want help to shape and drive impactful activity
  • You would like follow up support, advice and accountability

Who we work with

  • Marketing professionals
  • Business owners, CEOs and MDs who want to understand the benefits of marketing in supporting business growth
  • PA’s who have marketing responsibilities within their role
  • Interns and apprentices

What you will gain working Walton Marketing & Communications

  • A greater understanding of marketing as a function and how it can support your businesses long term strategy
  • A greater understanding of the marketing mix and which activities are best suited to helping you meet your goals
  • Increased confidence in your marketing planning and execution of activity
  • Support creating a bespoke marketing strategy for your business
  • A deeper understanding of how to measure and report on the ROI – return on investment from marketing activity
  • On hand support from your own marketing mentor either face to face or via phone/email
  • Advice on further training and support
  • A community of marketing specialists within brand, design, PR, strategy, social media and communications to offer on hand support.