So they say your brand is what other people say about you when you leave the room ….. here we share our top tips on how to build brilliant brands, profile and profits!

Brands are all around us, from the coffee I’m drinking to the phone I am tweeting from to the shoes on my feet. Without realising it we are subliminally being exposed to brands 24/7, interpreting and deciding if they are ones for us and whether we want to invest our time in them in whatever way that might be.

Brands aren’t simply just products or services, we each have our own personal brand too with the qualities and characteristics of those being quite simply what make me, me and you, you! But what is it that make some brands brilliant allowing us to engage with them and win our loyalty over time and how can we harness this to build our own brands and make them the best they can be?

  • Know who you are and carve out your USP!

It sounds basic but a good starting point with any business or brand is sitting down and working out who you are, what your brand qualities are and what it is that make you well … brilliant! Consider your unique selling points and then distil this list down to a handful of key qualities that really differentiate you from the competition.   Try to avoid the commonplace qualities, ie: quality, professionalism etc and find the essence that makes you truly different.  Once you know this, you can ensure those qualities are translated and aligned into all of your brand activity, marketing touchpoints, practices and processes.

  • Know who your customer is

To know how to best communicate with your customer, it is vital that you clearly identify and understand who that market is, selecting the right tone of voice and marketing mix to reach them.  Knowing where your customers are and how to talk to them will also help promote much stronger engagement with your brand.

  • Brand identity and consistency

Enlist the support of a good brand/marketing specialist to help you conduct a brand audit and review your current identity.  Is who you think you are, who you actually are and is this being reflected successfully in your marketing? Are there any gaps and how can you bridge those gaps?

The key is ensuring that all the touchpoints of your brand, whether that be online, your logo, printed materials, your processes or the tone of voice used in PR or communications are coordinated and suitably reflect who you are, your USP and target markets.  Consistency will also strengthen your brand, building integrity, loyalty and revenue growth over time.  M&S are a great example of how to do this effectively. When their advert titles kick in, within seconds you know which brand it is and what they are about with part of this being down to their consistency in communications and ability to continually reinforce their values and USPs.

  • Clever communications – Adopt the right tone of voice

As well as getting your visual identity right, it is just as important to adopt the right language and tone of voice for your brand.  The most effective communications are those brands that speak authentically and are true to who they are.  British fashion retailer Boden are a good example of this and have become famous for their tongue and cheek quirky style, making them instantly recognisable in a saturated market place.  Consider what tone is right for your brand and your market and weave this into all of your communications.

  • Tell your story

There are so many qualities that will help differentiate your brand and as your business grows it’s important to keep telling your story.  PR, blogging, email marketing and social media are all channels that can help strengthen the integrity of your brand. Share newsworthy content that aligns with your business. If you are an innovation based company, you might talk about your unique products and services and the value they bring to your customers.  Perhaps you have a story behind the launch of your brand or simply want to celebrate key milestones, such as business growth stories, new products, appointments or CSR related stories? Whatever it might be, communication and story- telling are fundamental to engaging a loyal customer base.

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